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  • The Falling

    One of the joys of the beguiling 2011 documentary Dreams of a Life was the resultant anticipation concerning the assured hand of its director, Carol Morley. Weaving together interviews with..

  • Amour Fou

    Doomed passion in Romantic-era Berlin would have most filmmakers reaching dutifully for the grand traditions of historical sweep, candle-lit interiors and an indulgence in every visual splendour of the time…

  • Au revoir les enfants

    January 27 2015 marked 70 years since the liberation of Auschwitz. Since the end of WWII, Cinema’s capacity to comprehend the industrial-scale murder of the European Jews has been tested..

  • Night Moves

    With a gradual build and little to nothing in the way of sudden movements, Kelly Reichardt has quietly announced herself as one of the best filmmakers living today.

  • Pine Ridge

      Pine Ridge follows a group of young Native American Oglala Sioux living on the eponymous South Dakota reservation, collecting their stories as they bum around gas stations and reservoirs..