There’s a new crime thriller in town… Kidnap and Ransom, brought to you by the producer behind numberous 24, Law And Order, ER episodes. Do you like taut TV dramas along the lines of Waking the Dead? Great! We have 3 copies of Kidnap and Ransom on DVD to give away!

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Kidnap and Ransom poster

Kidnap and Ransom poster

Coming acha on DVD on Feb 7 2011! Created by award-winning Emmy nominated Patrick Harbinson (24, Law And Order, ER) and directed by Andy Wilson (Spooks, Wallander), Kidnap And Ransom is an exciting, brand new three-part ITV1 crime thriller starring Trevor Eve (Waking The Dead).

Co-starring John Hannah (Spartacus; Four Weddings And A Funeral), Helen Baxendale (Friends; Cold Feet) and Emma Fielding (Cranford), Kidnap And Ransom is an intricately plotted thriller about an ex-army colonel turned hostage negotiator whose tragic last case haunts his every step. This TV thriller begins with a twist and notches up the tension; it’s a definite must-see for fans of quality television dramas and thrillers such as 24, Law And Order, Spooks, Waking The Dead, Silent Witness, Red Riding and State Of Play.

When British botanist Naomi Shaffer (Fielding) is kidnapped while on a working trip to South Africa, her company calls on the services of Dominic King (Eve) and his team who immediately set about working to bring her home safely. Having quickly negotiated a ransom payment with those responsible, Dominic flies to Cape Town for the handover, but the exchange goes drastically wrong right at the last minute when a group of heavily armed men ambush and kill the kidnappers before making off with Naomi and the ransom money themselves. In the aftermath, Dominic is contacted by a man named Alexander Willard (Hannah), the leader of the gang involved in the ambush, who demands two million US dollars in exchange for Naomi. Offering Willard only a quarter of the fee demanded, Dominic is surprised when the deal is accepted and Naomi is finally set free during a highly tense exchange.

Both Dominic and Naomi return to their families in the UK, but Dominic’s suspicions that something is not quite right are confirmed when Naomi’s young daughter, Sally (Rebekah Nathan), is abducted from the family home by Willard’s henchmen. Once again, Dominic is called in to negotiate but it soon becomes apparent that Willard in interested in much more than a cash payment and that Naomi knows more than she is letting on. With Sally’s life now seriously at stake, the police are called in to take over. Meanwhile, Dominic decides to risk all by going it alone in trying to uncover and deliver exactly what it is Willard wants and who was responsible for prompting him into action in the first place.

Co-starring Sharon Maughan (Waking The Dead), Natasha Little (The Boys Are Back), Laura Greenwood (Prime Suspect: The Final Act; V For Vendetta) and Patrick Baladi (Identity), Kidnap And Ransom is a thrilling and intelligent edge-of-your-seat drama, full of twists and turns that will keep viewers riveted until its totally unexpected finale.

Kidnap And Ransom will be released on DVD (£19.99) by Fremantle Media Enterprises on 7th February 2011.

We have 3 copies of Kidnap And Ransom to give away on DVD! Get ready…

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