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Competition ends 15th March 2012

Following on from its critically acclaimed cinema release, Miss Bala comes to DVD in February.

Produced by Latin American cinema legends Gael GarcĂ­a Bernal and Diego Luna and directed by Gerardo Naranjo (I’m Gonna Explode), Miss Bala is a riveting thriller which explores the brutal drug war gripping Mexico.

In a spellbinding debut performance, Stephanie Sigman plays Laura, an aspiring beauty queen whose best friend is killed in a nightclub gun battle after the pair go out to celebrate getting in to the Miss Baja California pageant.

Laura escapes the club alive, encountering a mysterious gunman who lets her go free. She reports the attack to the police, but a corrupt cop delivers her straight into the hands of Lino (Noe Hernandez), the gang leader who she saw in the club and whose safety she could now endanger. But Lino takes a shine to Laura, and becomes determined that she will enter the beauty pageant after all. She just needs to do a few jobs for him first…

Featuring strong performances, thrilling action and a plot which rockets from one exotic location to the next like a Mexican jumping bean, Miss Bala is a compelling film and a matchless introduction to the reality of Latin America’s ruthless cartels.

What’s the English translation of ‘Miss Bala’?

1. Miss Bullet (this is the right answer)
2. Tony Montana (“This town’s like a great big pussy just waitin to get fucked.”)
3. Shakira (OH MY GOD A SEA LION)


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Competition ends 15th March 2012

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