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So, you want to be a Best For Film contributor, eh? Course you do, you’re only human. Fortunately for you, there’s no better place to be if you’ve got a passion for films and a nifty way with words. Read on for the no-frills guide to how you can accelerate your journalistic career right up to 88mph…

Read Best For Film to get a feel for the house style

There’s no way you can produce BFF-tastic work if you don’t know what we sound like, and although we don’t operate a house style as such you can still home in on how we tend to address things.

Best For Film content is…

• Accessible
• Witty
• Grounded
• Innovative
• Independent

We don’t write in an über-pretentious way, we try to be funny, we don’t say things we can’t back up (unless they make us chuckle), we don’t follow the crowd and we are beholden to absolutely no-one. This is properly crucial – nobody’s giving us back-handers or flying us to Vegas, so we write what we want and don’t worry too much about what The Man thinks.

Submission Guidelines

Still reckon you’ve got what it takes? GET IN TOUCH.

Email us at [email protected] . Please include the following:

• A friendly note telling us why you want to write for BFF
• A sample piece of work
• A couple of pitches for article ideas is always nice

This work sample can be anything you want – a film review, an article, a blog post or something else entirely – and it doesn’t need to be about film, although that’d be convenient. You can also fling us some ideas for stuff you’d like to write – we’re always in the market for cinema and DVD reviews, although it’s worth checking we haven’t beaten you to the film in question, and if you’ve got an original idea for a feature then we’ll love you forever. If you’re struggling for inspiration, check out our regular slots – why not write about your favourite independent cinema or explain why a particular film should never be watched sober?

Spreading the love – What Best For Film can offer you

• Published with byline
• Writing profile on site
• Recognition for your work via social networks
NEW – amazing rewards with epoints

Provided you can string a sentence together, we’ll get right back to you and encourage you to whip up some tasty prose for the site – that means you get a profile on our About Us page and we pimp your article out to all the lovely people who follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Hopefully that includes you – if not, why not? – and you can raise the profile of your piece by ReTweeting and cross-posting across whatever social networks, blogs and forums you associate with. But don’t stop there – remember, the bigger Best For Film gets, the more chance there is of Mark Kermode reading one of your reviews and deciding he wants to tutor you in the ways of righteousness. Get all your friends visiting Best For Film and enjoying our tip-top content, and who knows what might happen?

But wait, there’s more! If you’re just too damn eager to email us and make nice, then feel free to skip the formalities and get right down to business – you can now register all on your own and start posting straight away! We’re currently accepting reviews through our revolutionary new contributor model, which gives you a direct, unedited connection to our hundreds of thousands of readers; simply log in, choose a film and write! If we like what you’re up to, you’ll be promoted to Pro Contributor, giving you even more coverage and the chance to really make your name.

Oh, even an access-all-areas pass and the tools to propel yourself to critical superstardom isn’t enough? Okay, how about we pay you for all your work? That’s right – Best For Film has become the first film site (that we know of) in the world to dynamically rewards ALL its critics with epoints, the revolutionary new web currency that’s appearing on sites across the world. Here’s how it works:

1) You write something
2) People read it, because you’re great
3) We give you epoints – the more people read your work, the more you get
4) You spend them on more than 1 million products in our shop
5) Everyone’s happy, so we DO IT ALL AGAIN

It really is that simple – the more you write and the more people read what you write, the more epoints you get and the more you can buy with them! You can find pretty much anything in the Best For Film Shop, and there are more than 2000 other epoints-enabled shops online too – there really is no downside. So what are you waiting for? Register or email us and let’s do this thing.

See you onsite,


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