Friday Drinking Game #8 – Die Hard

After some internal debate, we’ve decided that all four Die Hard films are applicable, even though we’ve been kinda pretending that Die Hard 4.0 doesn’t exist for the past four years. So, as per usual, all you need is a DVD of one of the best Bruce Willis films ever, plus as much alcohol as you feel you can take without veering too near the edge. (We really do advocate responsible drinking, honest.)

Take one sip whenever:

An English actor pops up with a dodgy European accent
Take another sip if the dodgy accent turns you on

Something explodes
Take it easy though, we still want you with us at the end…

John McClane’s relationship with his wife is a bit iffy
Then another drink if it improves (until she sensibly realises that John McClane really isn’t good for her health or stress levels)

A character lights up
If you’re reading this 20 years in the future, presumably all smoking will have been edited out and they’ll be chewing carrots or something.

Take two sips whenever:

A villain just refuses to die
Extra points if that villain has a dodgy European accent

A man gets dirty in a vest
Take another sip if the man in a dirty vest turns you on

Some sort of flying vehicle turns up
Extra drinks if that vehicle should not logically fly (cars etc.)

John McClane climbs around in some vents/places where civilians aren’t allowed
Another sip if he gets shot at

Take three sips whenever:

The film blatantly ignores the laws of physics
They were obviously lacking a common sense adjudicator on the set of Die Hard 4.0

There’s a reference to Christmas
‘Cos holidays and terrorism go together like turkey and cranberry

Glass and bare feet make a cameo
I know it’s only in the first one. But it’s iconic.

Any of the Die Hards remind you of other Bruce Willis films
So he’s got a narrow range. Who cares?

Down it you freshers:

When Bruce Willis is being TOTALLY KICK-ASS AWESOME
Down another drink if Bruce Willis being awesome turns you on

If you think Hans Gruber is the best villain ever
This is obviously a trick. Down your drink if you didn’t down your drink

Yippee-ki-yay motherfucker
Even though they he doesn’t really say it in 4.0 thanks to the kiddy rating

If you think Die Hard 4.0 is actually a really good film
You’re wrong

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