The Top 10 Bond Girls

#10 – Strawberry Fields
Quantum Of Solace

Isn’t it weird how most of the Bond girls seem to die immediately after sleeping with 007? He’s like the Black Widow(er) spider. Either way, this is Strawberry Fields, played by the gorgeous Gemma Arterton. She falls for Bond’s charms (obviously) and assists him in his missions but is later found dead. on a bed. Naked. Covered in crude oil. What a way to go! Strawberry Fields forever…


#9 – Pussy Galore

“You like a close shave, don’t you?” Oh Pussy Galore, with your overtly-sexy name, mighty-fine form and ridiculous one liners. I know, as a woman, I should hate her and yet I adore Pussy. She’s a pilot (a female pilot) and a worthy Bond adversary, which makes her an independent and feisty chick. Just ignore the fact that they fall into bed together…


#8 – Mary Goodnight
The Man With The Golden Gun

John Underwood isn’t like other men. When asked for his favourite ever Bond girl, he chose Mary Goodnight which, in itself, isn’t such a weird thing at all. However, when pressed as to WHY he selected her, it was not for her gorgeous blonde locks or smokin’ hot body. No. It was because she’s “so delightfully stupid”. Such an Underwood-esque comment it’s unreal.


#7 – May Day
A View To A Kill

It’s Grace Jones. It’s Grace bloody Jones. Nuff said.


#6 – Aki
You Only Live Twice

Sean Connery became very fond of Aki when she saved his butt on numerous occasions in Japan, so much so that, when forced to take a decoy wife, he really hopes it’ll be her. WE really hope it’ll be her. But no. She gets poisoned in her sleep and he has to marry a nameless nobody. Blah.


#5 – Tiffany Case
Diamonds Are Forever

Beauty is a uniform feature of all the Bond babes, right? NO! Meet Tiffany Case, an average-looking American diamond smuggler with forever changing hair colours. She looks fine in a bikini, she looks fine in general but, that’s just it, she only ever looks fine. There’s hope for all us non leg models yet!


#4 – Mrs Bond
On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

As Beyonce wisely quipped, “if you like it then you should have put a ring on it!” And so Bond did with the short-lived Mrs Bond. She was his equal in every way; impossibly charming, good looking and pretty nifty with a gun. And then she died. Obviously. As IF we’d let Bond stay off the singles market.


#3 – Xenia Onatopp

She was the first Bond babe to get an orgasm, which is obviously down to the fact that it’s crazy Pierce rattling her bones rather than any of those chauvinistic all-about-me Bonds of old. The photo looks a little disturbing (Bond in pain, anyone?) but it quite clearly demonstrates how Onatopp used SEX as a WEAPON! Sean Connery, eat your heart out!


#2 – Moneypenny
Every bloody Bond film

Ah, Moneypenny. She was always in love with James Bond and, sure, she’s not a real Bond babe but she sure is persistent! Every single film includes at least one or two lines of banter between 007 and M’s loyal secretary… the sexual tension is apparent to all. One day Moneypenny, one day. Slow and steady wins the race, after all.


#1 – Honey Ryder
Dr No

How anybody can ever say that Ursula Andress isn’t the ultimate Bond girl is beyond me. She sings, she looks good in a bikini, she has the innuendo-laced name AND she’s utterly submissive to Bond’s charms. We want to lie underneath the mango trees with her forever and ever.

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