First look at Ben Whishaw as Q

Q is back! And this time he looks even geekier. A bit like a souped-up Brian Cox, no, not the acting Brian Cox, the sciency one with a smile bigger than the Large Hadron Collider. That one.

This is the first time that we have seen the appearance of Q in a Bond film since the disastrous Pierce Brosnan era (shudder…man, that was all so uber New Labour) and we are slightly apprehensive as scenes between Q and Bond are traditionally rather pun based affairs and, we have to say it, camp. Daniel Craig punning about knifes and boobs? We really hope not. Casino Royale did so much to rewrite Bond for a new era and after the awful Quantum of Solace we are all praying that they revert to form and deliver us a decent movie.

Several actors who stepped into Q’s shoes throughout the years have helped make the character one of the most loved in the Bond franchise, so Whishaw must be feeling a lot of pressure on him to pull this off. The last was legendary John Cleese (who was actually called R) who served us up a plethora of puns during the turn of the century, but perhaps the most well loved was Desmond Llewelyn who worked on From Russia with Love all the way through to The World is Not Enough. Llewelyn sadly died in a car crash just a few weeks after the film’s release.

We do all love Q, so come on Whishaw, get your geeky gadgets out and make us all proud!

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