New red band Bachelorette trailer makes us want to weep

Here is a list of thing that ladies love. Weddings, strippers, pink shit, cocaine, giving blow jobs. And that is all. Yes ladies, it can apparently be boiled down so simply and easily. Just like you are, simple and easy. Hollywood had this all figured out years ago (it is run by men so they are obviously smarter than you) and they have managed to extract millions of your pounds by getting you to fall into the same old traps they set. Well, we say your pounds, we mean the money your man will give you to treat you with.

LISTEN UP!!! This is all bullshit. And the latest trailer of Bachelorette has gone too far this time. The first offering from them was bad enough with the ‘women are wedding freak idiots’ thing but now it appears that really all women should be into is spooge and acting like a total biatch.

For some reason this trailer just really hits a nerve. It is sad to see three very talented and funny actresses throw themselves into something so dire. Cocaine loving slut? Tick! Fugly bride? Tick! Whereas Bridesmaids was fun and original this just looks like formulaic crap.

Come on girls, we’re better than this and you know it.

(Bachelorette is out on the UK in September…just in case you are interested…)

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