Scott Pilgrim: The game

Every time we’re almost sure we’re stuffed full of Scott Pilgrim awesome, another sumptuous dish turns up and we can’t possibly turn it away. This time around, it’s the trailer for the Playstation game accompanying the film, and by the staff of Moses it looks glorious.

Why? Well, remember Streets of Rage? Tekken? Street Fighter? (If the answer to these questions is no then, frankly, you need to go away and really think about some things). Scott Pilgrim discards new-fangled technology in favour of retro platform style, with candy-coloured 2D graphics and proper, Sega-style fighting. It looks freaking great. Damn it guys, could you just do something not ridiculously awesome? Please? Just to give the rest of us hope? Watch the trailer here, and get ready to kick some ass, as Scott Pilgrim attempts to defeat seven evil ex’s in order to win Ramona Flowers’ love.

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