Yet another Godzilla remake gets poster

Run! Hide! It’s Gojira! The mutant monster (whose name apparently means gorilla/whale) is back again and the test footage has been shown at never-ending geek fest, Comic-Con.

Monsters director Gareth Edwards has come forth to resurrect the creature once more for another whirlwind tour of destruction. Edwards said at Comic-Con that the film will not go down the sci-fi route and that it will be “very grounded and realistic. What would it be like if this all really happened?” Considering that Roland Emmerich made such a monster mess of the previous Godzilla revival anything will be better and after the success of Monsters which showed an alien invasion in a very down to earth and realistic(ish) way, we have faith that Edwards might pull this one off.

The poster looks all moody and harkens back to Godzilla’s roots, with the Japanese word for Gojira emblazoned across it. However we still worry about one thing, with all of this “realism” going on, WILL GODZILLA STILL HAVE NUCLEAR BREATH?! Please say he will have nuclear breath. And please say Matthew Broderick won’t be in this version. Or that Godzilla will use him nuclear breath on him. We can only live in hope.

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