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  • Jack Murray

    Jack Murray

    I’m Jack. I write about film, television, football and clothes and I’m quite good at 5-a-side. At parties I change the topic of any conversation I’m involved in so that I can perform my 8/10 Woody Allen impression to strangers. Recently, I’ve noticed a distinct decline in the amount of parties I’m invited to.

  • Daisy Buchanan

    Daisy Buchanan

    Daisy Buchanan is a columnist and features writer covering arts, entertainment and women’s issues. She’s the author of The Wickedly Unofficial Guide To Made In Chelsea. Best For Film stole this bio off her Guardian profile, so she MUST be proper.

  • Carl Anka

    Carl Anka

    I am the anti-renaissance man. A childhood moving from various child-minders and libraries while both my parents worked two jobs meant I was as much educated by Nintendo, Hollywood and Dahl than any in the flesh adult role model. An adolescence failing to grasp basic human interaction has left me a socially awkward creature relying on pop culture miscellanea to converse in, and internally rationalise, an increasingly confusing world. Because when the meek eventually do inherit the Earth, it’ll be those with encyclopedic knowledge of 80s movies, and those able to discuss feminist theory using the sitcom Friends, who will be elected to positions of power. In short, while you were out doing meaningful things with your life, I was at home, watching TV.

  • Corissa Nunn

    Corissa Nunn

    Corissa is a twenty-something INFP logophile with a soft spot for all things Teutonic, who takes great pleasure in writing dreadful poetry and makes no excuses for the abysmal rhymes. Characterised by a bellowing laugh, wildly inappropriate sense of humour, alarming cack-handedness and an all-round lack of finesse. London dweller, insomniac, wearer of ridiculous fringes…

  • Cornelia Prior

    Cornelia Prior

    Cornelia is a Visual Cultures student at a university renowned for its pretension, gender neutral toilets and not much else. When Cornelia is not busy frequenting art galleries, the theatre, the cinema and other things that classify as either “Visual”, “Culture” or both, she can be found reading, swimming, or desperately trying to lose the…

  • Sarah Kendall

    A dirty Aussie come to reap sweet British oats, I’m usually the one getting mocked for my criminal’s accent and penchant for lager. When not proving that horrible stereotypes are based on much more horrible fact, I enjoy nothing more than a romantic evening with a duvet, a six pack and Bruce Willis blowing people up.

  • Jon Cooper

    Jon Cooper writes on entertainment, TV, film and video games on various sites across the web. He is the self-styled Superfly Supergeek, with an addiction to any mode of entertainment that involves zombies getting shotgunned.

  • Max Feldman

    Max Feldman

    Max Feldman, being inexperienced in such matters, finds it disconcerting to write about himself in the third person. He has a BA in Philosophy, Religion, and Ethics from Heythrop College (University of London), and is currently studying for an MA in Cultural and Critical Theory at Birkbeck College (University of London). It is unclear whether his education legitimates his having opinions, let alone his having the temerity to write them down.

  • Rosie Allerston

    Hi film fans! My name is Rosie and I’m a London ‘newby’ who is obsessed by all things film, fashion and theatre. When not at my desk writing, you will find me sipping wine (white not red!), reading in the park or cooing over my new kitten, May

  • Laura Kerrigan

    I’m a hip young gunslinger…Well I’m young…and I have hips. Big hips.
    I love to force my opinion on everyone, particularly on those that don’t want it, and usually in the most annoying way possible – preferably involving wearing a sandwich board and waving a bell. But I’m lovely. Honest.