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  • Jessica Little

    Wannabe Shoreditch urbanite with a catalogue of ridiculous jobs on my CV, including dancing alone to James Brown in a bar with only a clipboard to reassure concerned onlookers, not to mention the Sunday afternoon spent dressed as an American cheerleader waving pom-poms at passers by whilst shouting “Happy Independence Day!” in a distinctly British accent. Can also sometimes be found simply strolling around London in search of good food and free live music…

  • Patrick Harley

    Hi, my name is Paddy and I’m a bit of a geek. I like to think this makes me the “cool and fanciable Seth Cohen type”, but actually it probably just makes me annoying. Most commonly my geeking out manifests itself as an enthusiasm for film, but it has also been known to extend to comic book reading, action figure collecting and multi-hour wikipedia sessions. I also have general tendency toward over-thinking, especially with regard to life’s little things, such as etymology, human behaviour and online “about me” sections.

  • Amelia Murray

    With a stick of rock and deckchair in tow, I arrived from the sea-side three years ago. Being half mermaid, I’ve been dipping my tail into all things LAANDAAN, including the Thames (not recommended). I like all things free, as the best things in life are, and will only leave a party or club at gunpoint. Come say hello! I’m the one dancing with the weirdo in stonewash denim, shouting “one more!” as the lights come up…

  • Becky Sear

    Becky Sear

    I come from a sleepy town in Zone 9 (it does exist!) where Stephen Fry went to school. I’d like to say my writing has half the panache and charm that his does, but it doesn’t. However, I love a good film and have somehow tricked Best for Film into thinking my opinion matters! When I’m not trying to make my writing coherent I can be found selling soap to rich people on the King’s Road and repping NW6.

  • Cal King

    Cal King

    For someone who talks so much about cheese, I’m actually not a big fan. Don’t get me wrong, I like a bit of extra mozzarella on my Sainsbury’s Basic pizza, but I’m not a massive fan of cheese on its own. I’m Cal, by the way, and I enjoy films much more than I enjoy cheese. I have subscriptions to two online film-rental companies (partly because I don’t know how to cancel them) and can be heard banging on about how much better Blu-ray is than DVD despite having such terrible eyesight that I can’t tell the difference myself.

  • Steven Neish

    Steven Neish

    Having braved the East Coast Main Line, secured an Oyster Card and successfully navigated the gap, I am looking forward to making the most of my time in London Town. With a taste in film that ranges from the acutely guilty to the unashamedly highbrow, I am a Psychology graduate, an aspiring writer and a hopeless popcorn addict who is looking forward to writing about cinema rather than just selling tickets at one.

  • Sam Faulkner

    Sam Faulkner

    Having spent 3 years at university studying film through a cask ale-induced haze, I discovered a passion for forcing my opinions onto other cinema fans. I now occupy the niche at social gatherings of ‘the guy who knows more than is healthy about Horror and Science Fiction’. I will happily talk for several hours about alternative endings, deleted scenes and expanded universes (usually through a cask ale-induced haze). Should a zombie outbreak occur, stay close – I know every trick in the book…

  • Kat Davies

    Kat Davies

    Reluctant Essex girl, self-confessed ‘cat lady’ and Hello Kitty’s number one fan (but please don’t let that put you off!) Movie-wise, for me it’s all about indie flicks, Studio Ghibli and anything by the Coen Brothers. Hobbies include quaffing bloody Marys, reading the awesome messages on love hearts and turning it up to 11…

  • Chris Van Der Watt

    Chris Van Der Watt

    I discovered at an early age that the gulf between real life and film is quite large (after plummeting two stories to the ground as an impersonation attempt of Val Kilmer as Batman went horribly wrong). In the wake of that event I vowed to seek out the most awesome movies and avenge my fallen pride by writing sarcastically about them. I also enjoy long walks on the beach, drunken jazz flute and reading in-flight safety manuals.

  • Neeral Bhatt

    Neeral Bhatt

    Right now, I’m illustrating a web comic about two sea cucumbers. I’m art editor for Polarity magazine. My favourite movies tend to hit me unexpectedly. I like lush animation with a great soundtrack. And eerie sci-fi set in outer space. And wildlife documentaries. And obsessing over music videos. And ‘Jurassic Park’. Recently I’ve worked in campaigning, art galleries, and pretended to be doing yoga in Regent’s Park in the name of performance.