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  • David Upton

    David Upton

    David Upton studies film, he writes about film, he talks about film, and when he’s not doing that he occasionally watches a movie. He particularly enjoys pretending he understands French films without subtitles and anything to do with Emma Stone. He knows far too much about the Oscars and not enough about Chevy Chase. Lists are his life force, which is why he thanks this website for letting him write for it, because otherwise he would most certainly expire.

  • Beth Glanvill

    Beth Glanvill

    Like to imagine I’m the lovechild of Robert De Niro and Anjelica Huston. Bristol native, but the accent only comes out after lots of cider. Henceforth, I mainly drink vodka and talk pretentiously about film to my friends and get all hot under the collar when a good debate ensues. I’m another Film and English graduate with a hatred for the unnecessary remake. I love Tarantino, Shane Meadows, and wish I could go back in time to meet Kes.

  • Sophie Worrell

    Sophie Worrell

    Sophie is my name and I like films! In particular, I like Sci-fi and Superhero films. I am a self-confessed Lord of the Rings enthusiast, much to the dismay of my housemates. I like to couple my film watching with Chinese food, ice-cream and doughnuts, as well as regular intervals in which I like to dance on the table to High School Musical! I’m a Zefron fan and proud! This is all.

  • Harry Harris

    Harry Harris

    I’m Harry, a city-boy in a country-boy’s body… or perhaps the other way around. I’ve spent the last three years doing a degree in Film & American Studies, surprisingly not a degree employers are queuing up for. Nevertheless, I plough forward undeterred! These days I spend my time listening to folk music, drinking tea and trawling through Werner Herzog’s back catalogue to see if he’s made a film that doesn’t involve an animal acting mental… sometimes all at once.

  • Lucy Burnage

    Lucy Burnage

    Somewhere between a writer and production crew, I have found my happy medium writing about films. I would like to say that I’m a fan of documentary and avant garde cinema, but enjoy far too many teen movies to make such a claim. Educated at Goldsmiths, I have also worked for projects spreading across publishing, theatre, tv, and film.

  • Hannah Oddie

    Hannah Oddie

    Abandoned in austerity Britain with only an English Literature degree to defend me, I have used my analytic skills to attain a temping job, biting cynicism and a deep sense of self-hatred. Thankfully movies provide a necessary escape. When not immersing myself in alternative realities I am usually doing something food based, such as eating food, reading about food or dreaming about food. I also enjoy cuddling dogs, charity stores and drinking large quantities of red wine which on my budget commonly tastes like tramp juice.

  • Debbie Gallagher

    Debbie Gallagher

    Hatched out of a brown paper bag on Clapham Common, Debbie is a writer because it’s safer than letting her do anything else. Her credits include her first fantasy novel, ‘The Spider’s Bride,’ published by Prime in the States, and described as Beatrix Potter on acid by reviewers. She has also written Slaine, Batman, Warhammer, and a host of other reviews and articles. Sometimes described as the world’s last battlehippy, Debbie is best kept in high temperature coastal areas, sedated with an intravenous supply of Pimms and doughnuts.

  • Nicola Marchant

    Nicola Marchant

    Nicola is a Film Studies graduate, which means she is harbouring the somewhat deluded apprehension that she knows a lot about film. She’ll watch just about anything… but if it’s cult, camp and trashy she’ll be on it quicker than you can say ‘John Waters’. Next only to her love of film is her love of tiny toy dinosaurs.

  • Beth Warin

    Beth Warin

    After a childhood not mispent watching Disney classics she has been left with unrealstic romantic expectations and a rather annoying American twang. Evidently her vocal chords are very impressionable. Her loves include the less slimy forms of sushi, dangerous footwear and building a shrine devoted to Leonardo Dicaprio’s face. Life quests include ownership of the entire Stephen King back catalogue and finally winning a single glance of puppy dog love from her angry angry pooch.

  • Lydia Shellien-Walker

    Lydia Shellien-Walker

    Having spent more time commanding my minions as the Film Section editor of Warwick University’s student paper than on my Philosophy and Literature degree I hope I have a thing or two to say about the world of film. And anyway, John will tell you the merits of a degree in philosophy. I like serious films. I also think most films would be better in animation. Do these two things harmonize? Probably not. But Homer Simpson is one of the most quoted ‘people’ of the 21st Century. Enough said.