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  • Top 10 films that need more One Direction

    The One Direction film – otherwise known as One Direction: This Is Us – is officially out in cinemas! Directed by Morgan ‘Supersize Me’ Spurlock and charting the boys’ meteoric rise to fame from their humble beginnings as mere children, the film looks set to break box office records and the hearts of perma-sobbing tweens everywhere.

  • Top 10 Balltastic Films

    Do you like films with balls in them? Well it’s your lucky day, friend/cinematic ball devotee. Today marks the release of baseball biopic Moneyball and in honour of this occasion, BFF has compiled a list of the Top Ten Film Titles Containing the Word “Ball”/the Top Ten Balltastic Films. Whichever way you look at it, it’s a load of balls.

  • Powder

    Sometimes a cheeky little indie film strolls up, favours you with one of those complicated ‘street’ handshakes and changes your life for the better with its endearingly lo-fi quirks and unexpectedly powerful story. Powder, alas, is not such a film. More likely to glare at you from inside a fashionably scruffy greatcoat than offer you a rollie and a cheerful anecdote, it is the very worst sort of self-absorbed garbage.