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  • Apollo 18

    Apollo 18, the sequel to 1995 sci-fi Apollo 13, reveals why the US never returned to the moon after a disastrous secret space mission. Despite a sluggish start, some deeply unsettling extra-terrestrials eventually make it an effective space-misadventure.

  • Top 10 Reasons Not To Land On The Moon

    The unseen footage from Apollo 18, which is released today, will give us historically accurate and scientifically verifiable accounts of why we never returned to the moon. On top of the rock-solid evidence provided by Apollo 18, we have compiled a list of intergalactic calamity that should keep your lunar escapades at bay.

  • Top 10 Movies to see this September

    So indecisive you can’t choose what mug to use for your frothy morning energiser? Well hopefully this list will help you narrow down those options. But for films, not mugs. Hmm…although there might be a gap in the market for Best for Mugs.