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  • Sex And The City 2

    Sex And The City 2 has been lauded as a slight on feminism, a betrayal of a TV series that inspired a generation of women, and a diamond-encrusted step backwards for independent ladies everywhere. But it seems that the negative press has failed to affect box office power. What’s the story here, then?

  • Sex And The City 2: Reviews so far

    We all know by now that the new Sex And The City film hasn’t exactly reached the dizzying heights of success the ladies are used to. In fact, it seems more like the only thing keeping Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha from falling face-down into the shit-storm of media hate is their glistening high heels. Judging by the reviews so far it seems like it’s not only boring, and patronising, but also more racist than a ticking gollywog. Brilliant stuff. Well done everyone. But what are the critics actually saying?

  • Sex And City 3?

    Kim Catrall has got Sex and The City fans all a-flutter once again today by hinting that there may well be a third movie. The trailer for the second film was released last week (and you can view it here), and with all the hype surrounding it there’s probably never been a better to stir up some rumours. That cunning minx.

  • Sex and the City 2 trailer hits the web

    As Sarah Jessica Parker and co prepare themselves for a return to the silver screen this summer, Universal have kindly gone and released a brand-spanking new Sex and the City 2 trailer. Following on from 2008’s massively successful Sex and the City, this summer’s most anticipated must-see chick flick sees the continuation of the fab foursome’s New York escapades.