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  • Broken

    Broken is the feature film debut of British director Rufus Norris. Adapted from a Daniel Clay novel, the picture is the story of three families living in a North London cul-de-sac as seen through the eyes of young girl Skunk (Eloise Laurence). Affecting and current, Broken blends gritty realism with just a hint of melodrama to create a state-of-the-nation piece that works on many levels.

  • The Wee Man

    The Wee Man is written and directed by Ray Burdis, whose previous directorial offering Love, Honour and Obey featured gangsters in London; now we are removed to Glasgow. Based on an account of his time in the Scottish city’s underworld, the film gives us the rise and fall of Paul Ferris, the notorious ‘Wee Man’ of the title. Expect violence, crime and formula all the way.

  • Perfect Sense

    Having won Best UK Feature at Edinburgh International Film Festival, David MacKenzie’s Perfect Sense is an exciting mix of romantic drama and sci-fi thriller that excels in originality. Providing a fresh look on apocalyptic catastrophe, it explores an unfolding romance it the most unlikely of circumstances.