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  • Glasgow Film Festival

    Contents of a classic Glaswegian Film Festival: Contains Music, a smattering of Youth Films, several heaped tablespoons of Short Films, a dash of Frightfest, and an independent magazine. Serves two annual awards. Now that’s a huge great big belly-full of Film delights.

  • Film 4 FrightFest: The Final

    I love horror films! Well, more accurately, I love the viewing experience of horror films. Not so much the fearsome aftermath of shaking in my pyjamas at 3oclock in the morning not daring to leave my bed to go to the toilet. Despite this, you can imagine my delight when it was announced that Film 4’s annual FrightFest had landed in London. Held at the esteemed Empire Cinema in Leicester Square, the festival is committed to supporting independent horror films and bringing lovers of the genre together for a packed programme of palpitating peril!