Glasgow Film Festival

Today sees the launch of the 7th Glasgow Film Festival, with the following ten days paying witness to an unbelievable bulk of film based good times. I’d set yourself aside an hour or so to browse through the festival’s calendar – such is the vast diversity of its ‘strands’ scattered throughout Glasgow’s city centre. More accurately described as a festival of festivals, the next ten days will provide something for everyone – or more probably, provide an achingly huge amount for most. Here’s a look at the scope of this strictly-Scottish film-affair:


Everyone loves a good red carpet (steady now), suave acting types in their finest rags and the chorus of the photographers crying “Who are you wearing” and “*Insert-high-profile-celeb name*! Over here!” – Galas are as glam as they come in the world of Film. The Glasgow Film Festival boasts eight films in its Gala strand, as we – the grubby public – get a sneak preview at films including Norwegian Wood, Little White Lies, Animal Kingdom and The Eagle.


The festival boasts 14 eye-wateringly beautiful films from around the globe as it celebrates the joys of international cinema. If you’ve been overloaded by the offerings of British cinema and could do with a bit of colour and drama thrown into the green-brown UK mix of home grown films, then head to one of the international gems that have been collected together.


Exactly what it sounds like. A collection of eight films that show off he extraordinary talents of Scottish productions, film makers and screenwriters. If you’re yet to sample a slice of Scottish film making, then make sure you head to one of the sampled films or documentaries, including You Instead and Tales from the Shipyards


It’s been a spectacularly good year for British films. Despite the seemingly endless torrent of bad news that usually follows the words “British Film…” in the tabloids, British film makers keep hitting new heights with the likes of Monsters and The King’s Speech. Glasgow brings a selection of the best of the Brits; films not to be missed include Patagonia and Oranges and Sunshine.


No, it’s not a publicity stunt by the Fathers for Justice, but rather a quirky strand being offered by the GFF. If you’re anything like me, you probably didn’t know there was much of a connection between the world of superheroes and the land of Scots, but apparently there’s a long running history of Scottish artists in the world of mainstream comics and graphic novels. To find out more, check out this fairly distinct strand of events and screenings.


Do you have a passion for patterns? A devotion to design? A fascination with fashion? Do you hate these clothing related word-plays? Then I’ll stop. But in case you do have a bit of a thing for what people wear, there’s something for you in this strand of the festival. GFF have teamed up with Glasgow Caledonian University to offer a celebratory collection of films and events that highlight the joys of fashion in film. This unfortunately involves a screening of The Devil Wears Prada, but fear not, there are some other genuinely beautiful films being shown as well.


Fans of all things that go bump in the dark and scuttle about in the shadows, get yourself to Glasgow for the next ten days. Film4’s Frightfest is set to unleash eight new and unholy spectacles from the genre of horror. Not only will you be able to sample the delights of the likes of I Saw the Devil, Rubber and Territories, but there’s also set to be a feast of appearances from guest directors and filmmakers from around the globe, with surprises on screen and off. This is one not to be missed. Unless you already have trouble sleeping.


If yours is a preference for things in small packages, then the Glasgow Short Film Festival will be right up your little alley. In its fourth year, this facet of the festival offers up a huge collection from today’s aspiring Scottish film makers, presenting brand new work from GMAC and Diversity Films, alongside a 10th anniversary showcase from the ‘legendary’ DigiCult (what, you mean you haven’t heard of the legend of DigiCult either?). Get involved, as there’s the chance to vote for your favourite to win the Audience Award.


This is for the die hard fans of music and film. The GFF website declares this collection as a “programme of extraordinary live events, documentaries and feature films, [balancing] reverent celebration of the past with a keen enthusiasm for future innovations in music, sound and moving image. [The] must-see choices range from the effortlessly entertaining to the positively inspirational and the downright weird.” Interested?

This is easily one of the most exciting film festivals to be hosted in the UK, and probably one of the best festivals Scotland has to offer. If you’re in need of a weekend away and fancy something a bit different, or if you’re within travelling distance of Glasgow, you’d be a fool not to go and see what the fuss is about.

For more on the Glasgow Film Festival, including ticket info and full details of what the festival has to offer, visit the festival’s site here.

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