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  • TGIM! International Film Season at the Tricycle Theatre

    It’s Monday, it’s wet and virtually nobody apart from Michel Hazanavicius and Jean Dujardin have anything to be cheery about. Right? WRONG. This week you should be heading straight to London NW6, where sunshine and rainbows surround the Tricycle Theatre and its superb International Film Season. Thank God It’s Monday!

  • Oscar 2012 Nominations

    THEY’RE HERE! The nominations for the 84th Academy Awards have been released, and as we predicted The Artist has basically bagsied all the categories like a fat greedy child in a tuckshop. Standard.

  • Footnote

    Have you ever got up one day and thought “Today, I’d really like to watch a drama about competing Talmudic scholars at an Israeli university”? No, neither had we. More fool us, frankly, because Footnote is absolutely superb – funny, poignant and cynical, it will draw you into a rarefied world you never knew existed.