TGIM! International Film Season at the Tricycle Theatre

We may have gone on a bit already about the Tricycle Theatre’s International Film Season, which starts tomorrow, but that’s because it’s genuinely the best thing to happen to London cinema-lovers in February. In an effort to bring the cream of world cinema to an audience which might never otherwise have the opportunity to see it, for the second year running the Tricycle is screening a full programme of films which were submitted on (behalf of their various countries of origin) for the Best Foreign Language Film award at the Oscars. Last year saw award-winning films including Incendies and Outside the Law visit Kilburn, and in the run-up to the 2012 Academy Awards the selection is hotter than ever before.

For nine magical days (beginning on Valentine’s Day; perfect for an intellectual date or a distraction from your own loneliness), an incredibly wide-ranging selection of films will be screened at the award-winning Tricycle. There are eighteen different features on offer, although some will only be screened once – so before you decide you really need to do that Tesco run rather than head to the cinema, make sure you’ll get another chance to see the film you’re interested in! Highlights of the season include the universally acclaimed A Separation, which has already found success at the Golden Globes and is nominated for two Oscars, iconic director Wim Wenders’ hypnotic dance film Pina and groundbreaking Singaporean anime biopic Tatsumi.

Other films have already been well received at last year’s BFI London Film Festival. We enjoyed frenetic Mexican thriller Miss Bala, but even more of a must-see is Footnote, a subtly-crafted Israeli drama which is one of the five films to secure a Best Foreign Language Film nomination. From a little closer to home (sort of), As If I Am Not There is an Irish drama set in the Balkans and shot entirely in Serbo-Croat – we’ve not seen it yet, so expect to be jostling a Best For Film urchin for armrest space! Visitors to the Tricycle will also get the chance to attend exclusive preview screenings of films including Once Upon A Time in Anatolia (released in the UK next month), a Turkish drama which tells the true story of a group of men searching for a body on a desolate steppe.

However, if you prefer to get your cinematic kicks from rubbing shoulders with real life film-makers, ignore everything you’ve read so far; the Tricycle is prepared! The selection of Q&A screenings which have been organised as part of the International Film Season include events featuring Lithuanian director Kristijonas Vildžiūnas (Back to Your Arms) and Swiss cinematographer Lorenz Merz (Summer Games). And we met Rosamund Pike at the Tricycle last year, so it’s anyone’s guess who else might turn up!*

*Best For Film cannot guarantee that Rosamund Pike will attend any screenings. If you do happen to bump into her, we definitely can’t guarantee that she’ll let you buy her a drink.

“This is all well and good, Best For Film,” we hear you cry, “but I’ve just spent fourteen thousand pounds on a solid silver anaconda for Valentine’s Day. I can’t afford to go to the cinema!” Well, that’s where you’re wrong! Not only is the Tricycle stupid cheap, but we’ve teamed up with the good folks there to offer you the opportunity to see one of the eighteen films on their programme for free! For nothing more than a simple RT on Twitter, you could win a pair of tickets to the screening of your choice – more details here.

So, just to recap: the Tricycle Theatre International Film season offers you a week and a half of amazing international cinema, very little of which you’ll get a chance to see anywhere else. Their programme includes drama, horror, animation, some great Q&As and even the odd UK premiere (Argentine revenge drama Aballay), and it’s all dirt cheap. And if you’re lucky, you might even win some free tickets! Thank God It’s Monday, eh?

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