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  • Good Vibrations

    Good Vibrations isn’t your average biopic, but then again Terri Hooley isn’t your average man. After watching this film I guarantee you’ll want to do a John Peel and listen to Teenage Kicks on repeat, then stick on the entire back catalogue of The Outcasts really loud and have a really good, life-affirming jump around.

  • TGIM! The Irish Film Festival London 2012

    It may only be the second iteration of the Irish Film Festival London, but despite its brief history the festival is already turning heads. Featuring some rather interesting pieces, this festival showcases some of the most well-received Irish films from the last year. Irish film-making is very much alive and present. The festival commences this Wednesday, 21st November 2012. Here are some of the highlights

  • Cheat Sheet: Mark Wahlberg

    How much do you really know about one time Funky Bunch leader and current star of Contraband Mark Wahlberg? Eh? Eh? Well prepare to know a whole lot less with this week’s Cheat Sheet, detailing all the things you never wanted to know about Marky Mark….