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  • Cedar Rapids

    What happens in Cedar Rapids stays in Cedar Rapids. It’s a bit like Las Vegas but it doesn’t have the casinos, or the water fountains, or Celine Dion but it does have a prostitute and a (small) pool. That counts for something, right?

  • Youth In Revolt

    Ah, Michael Cera. He’s a tricky wee tyke isn’t he? The problem with Michael Cera is that for an actor to be judged as great, he has to be able to pull off more than the one part. And we’re not sure he can. Part of the issue is his face. Moony eyed, bland and permanently worried, he is destined for the under-dog role and it’s not really his fault. But by picking roles like the one he plays in Youth In Revolt, he continues to re-affirm the fact that this is all he can play. However, we have to admit, he does play them very well.