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  • Taken 2

    A year on from the events of Taken, Bryan Mills (Neeson) had hoped to retire in peace but when he and his wife are kidnapped by a gang looking to exact revenge, he is forced to re-employ the very particular set of skills which saw Taken become such a a cult hit. Taken 2 is a pretty generic action film with none of the brutality or vibrancy of its predecessor but it has enough spectacle to ensure that cinemas will still get a significant number of bums on seats.

  • Colombiana

    What one earth do you do after witnessing the brutal (and narratively ambiguous) murder of your own parents? Grow up to be a smoking hottie with revenge dripping off every exquisite sinew, that’s what. Zoe Saldana does her best in the deeply silly action-drama Colombiana, but as a film that’s never quite sure of its audience, the only things that ever really hit the mark are the bullets flying in every direction except hers…