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  • Motel Hell

    The 80s was a decade of low budget horror, most long forgotten and ready to stay that way. But every so often, a film returns to the modern world, ready to be re-evaluated, and maybe even re-appreciated. With the gratuitous cover art of a chainsaw-wielding anthropomorphise pig, I was expecting 1980’s horror-comedy Motel Hell to be another disappointment for the fire. But there is a god, and Motel Hell actually lives up to its evocative advertising.

  • Ten Contemporary Incarnations of the Grindhouse Genre

    The grindhouse genre seems to be going through a bit of resurgence recently. The new releases are different from the originals in many aspects, but all manage to capture the gruesome, gritty hilarity that makes the original players so damn addictive. We look at 10 recent films showcasing the future of grindhouse -dragging boobs, guns and gore along with them.