Horns: a new film starring Daniel Radcliffe is in production

Horns, a film starring Harry Potter alumnus Daniel Radcliffe, has just started production and it may have one of the strangest storylines we’ve come across in quite some time. Directed by Alexandre Aja, (the man behind The Hills Have Eyes and Piranha 3D), Horns sees Daniel Radcliffe play a young man accused of raping and murdering his girlfriend, who one morning wakes up to find that he has grown a pair of horns. Srsly.

As well as functioning as a rather unsubtle metaphor for his new found status as a social pariah, the horns give him the ability to make people confess their sins to him, and he sets about using this power to find the person who really murdered his girlfriend. We know how it sounds, which is why we have included photographic evidence that Horns really is a film and you can see it below.

As you can see, Daniel Radcliffe is sporting some pretty gory looking prosthetic horns and looking very annoyed about it. For our sins, we think the film sounds strangely amazing. It has an original concept and is based on a book that has received very favourable reviews. Daniel Radcliffe himself has been very optimistic about the film deeming it “darkly humorous,” and whilst we don’t buy the whole ‘Daniel Radcliffe as a viable sex symbol’ angle they’re clearly trying to push on us with this picture, we’re looking forward to seeing him tackle what appears to be a very unique and challenging role. If the film stays true to the source material and doesn’t take itself too seriously, there’s every chance this could turn out to be a surprise hit.

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