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  • Top 10 killer animals

    Being at the top of the food chain is quite nice, don’t you think? There’s no hassle of running for your life; no need to cower among the shadows; no expectation of a gory death from gnashing teeth. Yup! Things are pretty sweet for us homo sapiens. So much so that we forget how vulnerable and ill-equipped we are when it comes to facing the animal kingdom, mano-a-mano. Hollywood, however, does not and so, this week, BFF has dedicated the Top 10 to re-capping those very timely reminders.

  • Prey

    A typical hunting trip in the woods goes awry when a few argumentative men become the victims, or ‘prey’, of a group of infected and bloodthirsty beasts. Devoid of any filmmaking conviction, Prey feels like Dog Soldiers meets Jurassic Park meets Animal Farm. Failing to scare or even entertain, this rural horror is so tame that for all its narrative coherence it should simply be called ‘Attack of the Toothy Pigs’.