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  • Top 10 actor-director partnerships

    It is common across the film industry to see actors and directors cement firm partnerships over the years starring and creating films together. The film Promised Land reunites the award-winning creative team behind Good Will Hunting, with Gus Van Sant and Matt Damon coming together again to create this thought-provoking drama. In celebration of this partnership, we’re looking at some of the most successful actor/director relationships across the history of film.

  • Medical dramas – a retrospective

    Medical dramas are a rich source of stories and intrigue that captivate audiences worldwide. In the upcoming movie Parkland, audiences will be on the edge of their seat as the film recounts the chaotic events that occurred in the Parkland Memorial hospital following John F. Kennedy’s assassination. Filled with drama, tension, and an excellent cast, this movie has the ingredients of a fine film. In anticipation of the theatrical release of Parkland on November 22nd, we are taking a look at the best medical dramas from movie and television.

  • Top 3 casino scenes in film

    Numerous films have included casino gaming in some capacity. For some films, the inclusion has provided for some exciting scenes that make indelible marks in the memories of viewers. Many of these scenes have involved the game of poker.

  • Top 10 on-screen romances

    Love. As the most powerful and most mystifying emotion, it has inspired filmmakers ever since filmmaking began. This Autumn, Ain’t Them Bodies Saints looks to add to the list of great film love stories. In this story of two bank-robbing lovers, Bob Muldoon (Casey Affleck) escapes prison in the hill country of Texas to reunite with Ruth Guthrie (Rooney Mara), four years after he took the fall for her crime. In anticipation of what looks to be a beautiful story of love, here are some of the greatest on-screen romances in film history.