Is Breaking Bad’s Walter White one of TV’s greatest bad guys?

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Part of Breaking Bad‘s phenomenal success can be put down to the casting of Bryan Cranston as Walter. Cranston, who has appeared in a range of films, TV dramas and comedies, brings edge to his character, making him appear more of a bad guy than some people may realise. As a result of Cranston’s portrayal, a number of sites have paid homage to him, and he seems fully deserving of it.

Given how critically-acclaimed Breaking Bad is, it might be hard to think that early on in the first series, it was struggling to get sufficient ratings to keep American broadcasters AMC happy. Sadly, for the show’s creators, the threat of cancellation loomed large, but fortunately for all involved, streaming the show online helped provide some form of salvation.

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With every series, more viewers tuned in until it became a TV sensation. Every week, viewers would tune in wondering what would happen to White and whether his ending would be a satisfactory one. The story itself, of how after White was diagnosed with terminal cancer, he turned to selling drugs in order to look after his family, seems like reason enough to watch!

Even though his initial motives were good, what he did in order to finance them seemed like an extreme solution, leading him astray in the process. As a result of dabbling in drugs, White became a bad guy that would keep us entertained week in, week out.

Following the show’s success, it’s possible that Cranston could be seen as one of the best ‘bad guy’ actors around. Perhaps he might one day be mentioned in the same breath as some of these names, leading to major roles in Hollywood blockbusters and arthouse classics once the hysteria over Breaking Bad begins to die down.

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