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  • Point Blank

    Fred Cavayé’s last film, Pour Elle, was a tight and well-made thriller which was almost totally derailed by its catastrophic American remake The Next Three Days. We do hope the same won’t happen to his latest effort. Exhilarating, fast-paced and only a little bit unbelievable, Point Blank is exactly what people who liked Taken should be watching instead – it’s an action film, yes, but it’s far more than macho drivel.

  • Outside The Law

    On paper, this film looks ruddy good. The story of three brothers torn apart by their part in the Algerian war for independence from French rule – it’s the sort of film that uses the words passion, destiny and tragedy in its promo, a lot. I like that – I’m all for having my heart ripped out and smashed up in front of me. However, despite the heart-breaking, tumultuous relationship between France and Algeria, this film lacks one of its advertised elements – passion.

  • Outside the Law (Hors La Loi)

    Fresh from the Tricycle Theatre’s superb season of Oscar-shortlisted foreign language films comes Outside the Law, an extraordinary portrait of one of the most significant conflicts in recent European history. If you think you’ve made up your mind about terrorists, watch it.