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  • Four Lions

    We’re happy to see that Chris Morris’s fantastic Four Lions has reached its well deserved place in the DVD top ten. Simultaneously hilarious, heartbreaking and terrifyingly intelligent, this attack on stupidity itself is vital viewing for every one of us.

  • Four Lions

    With his potentially disastrous “terrorist-comedy” Four Lions Chris Morris has managed to create a rare and beautiful thing – a film that, in my opinion, could not be improved. An unflinching attack on stupidity itself, his mastery of both comedy and tragedy is breathtaking to behold. Quite simply, a must-see.

  • Peep Show: Seasons 1-6

    The comedy phenomenon of Peep Show first hit our screens back in 2003, and it’s difficult to remember what filled our lives with such joy before it came along. Six series in and still as strong as ever, Peep Show truly is a programme that makes you proud to be British. Awkwardly, embarrassingly and pathetically British, but British all the same.