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  • 5 Films Samantha Brick Should Have Starred In

    I think, by now, we’re all aware that for years Hollywood has been making terrible mistake after terrible mistake. Self-confessed penis-whisperer Samantha Brick has set the world alight with her truly admirable fight against gender equality, and we feel it’s only right that we celebrate with her in style. Why bother using literally any other actresses when Samantha Brick continues to erupt loins with the power of her own face? Five films that, if all things were equal, The Brick would have smashed. Set your eyes from Vision to Erection. This is going to get moist.

  • Friday Face/Off: Remakes

    The world of film is awash with Marmite topics – actors, genres or even cinematic styles which make some movie-goers dampen their plush seats and others tear the stuffing from the punter in front. In our J’accuse series, two of Best For Film’s writers go head-to-head and debate a controversial aspect of cinema. This time round it’s the worst nightmare of every indie Japanese director – the Hollywood remake.