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  • Top 10 Unsung Gangsters

    The release of Gangster Squad has got us reminiscing about our favourite screen mobsters, and we thought it was about time someone lent a voice to the most unsung criminal masterminds in film. But don’t go looking for Goodfellas and Godfathers – we’ve excluded Scorsese, because his characters are a whole top 10 on their own. NO MORE shall these forgotten bandits be ignored. Who’s the most ruthless, the most unsung gangster of them all? (Some of these are cartoons, by the way. What does that tell you about your childhood?)

  • Top Cat

    Top Cat: The Movie should have been like going to have dinner with an old friend and finding out they were happily married, working away at their dream job and as pleasant and courteous as you’d always remembered them. Instead, it was like bumping into an old friend in a darkened alleyway and finding out that they’re now a crack-addled prostitute with no qualms about eating people’s faces. Seriously.