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  • Top 5 (evil) dentists in film

    Movie dentists have a bad rep. Try and name a decent movie dentist (apart from that one in Finding Nemo, and frankly there’s not enough character exposition there anyway). It’s basically impossible. According to our resident dental correspondent on the matter (no, really), dentists have been consistently portrayed as “killers… buffoons… sexual harassers” in film, literally ever since the 1930s when that short film came out about an evil dentist extracting teeth willy-nilly. Here are four of the worst movie dentists of all, and one orthodontist prick.

  • Back in Vue #3 – Bonnie & Clyde

    After a couple of weeks off (you can’t get the writers these days), we’re back at Vue for the ongoing Back in Vue cult film series. Carlotta has ventured all the way back to the sixties for her very first taste of Arthur Penn’s iconic Bonnie and Clyde – and she loved it.

  • The Last Exorcism Part II

    The Last Exorcism: Part II is genuinely scary if you ignore almost everyone in the film apart from Nell (Ashley Bell). Without a doubt one of the best actresses to have ever graced the horror genre, Bell gives us creepy, sexy, naïve and murderous in the blink of an eye, making us think that she’s…

  • I’m So Excited

    Pedro Almodóvar’s latest brightly-coloured offering to the cinematic landscape is a hefty move away from the dark, stirring masterpieces that catapulted him as one of today’s most stylish directors. I’m So Excited is more akin to the likes of Airplane! (whilst being simultaneously the opposite, because Airplane! is actually hilarious and this film is not) than anything like The Skin I Live In. Shoving cheesy 80s wit and iridescent montages into a blender, I’m So Excited will try to convince you that tasteless stupidity, bright colours and nonsensical characters boasts a great film. Unsurprisingly, it does not.

  • Top 10 TV shows and their cocktail equivalents

    We all know what this week brings; misleading weather, no more eggs, a newly risen God and a whole new Game of Thrones season for us to wreck our livers with. So we’ve done the hard work for you. We’ve teamed our favourite TV shows with our favourite cocktails to give you one hell of a journey into an inebriated medieval paradise. Do your worst, Joffrey. We’ve got daiquiris on our side…