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  • Top 10 most underrated actors

    You all know what it’s like. You’re sitting in the cinema or watching a film at home and you see someone you recognise on screen. Turning to the person next to you, you ask: “who is that guy? He’s in that thing, you know, that other movie…WHAT IS HIS NAME? TELL MEEEEE!!!” Eventually you then find out who he is…and have forgotten by the next day. Well, we here at Best For Film are like elephants and we could never, EVER forget a great actor. Except from what’s his name…Oh you know, that guy who is in that other thing? Never mind…

  • Drive Angry 3D

    Messy, ridiculous, violent, naked and generally speaking more than a bit on fire, Drive Angry 3D is deep-fried cinema at its most deliciously insane. It never comes close to touching the knowing cool of a Tarantino or Rodriguez feature, but this adrenaline shot of pure grindhouse indulgence is stupidly satisfying all the same. Dead-Man-Revenging Nic Cage is acted off the screen by his excellent supporting cast, but to be honest, when he’s smoking, shagging, killing and growling ALL AT THE SAME TIME it’s difficult to care.