David Duchovny To Fight Ghosts

Duchovny was so epic in The X Files, wasn’t he? His character used to believe in ghosts, his partner Scully used to be extremely sceptical and, every single week, his faith in the paranormal would prove correct. Every single week. And yet Scully never wavered in her convictions that paranormal activity was a bunch of hoo-ha. Weird, right?

Regardless of this, it seems Duchovny can’t get enough of on-screen ghostbusting action, as he’s clambered aboard indie submarine thriller Phantom, alongside Ed Harris, William Fichtner and Natascha McElhone. Duchovny has replaced Andy Garcia in the role of the leader of the Soviet special forces team sent aboard the haunted submarine; what is their task? We couldn’t possibly tell you, as all we know is that it’s a “covert mission cloaked in mystery”.

We love it when film synopses include words like ‘covert’ and ‘mystery’. We love it most of all when they include the word ‘Soviet’, although we’re never huge fans of actors adopting a faux-Russian accent. They’re speaking English amongst themselves; why would genuine Russians do such a thing? In short, either go the whole hog and SPEAK in the Russki dialect or just use your normal acting voices and we’ll pretend that you’re speaking Russian. Not difficult.

The film is set for release in 2012, which gives us plenty of time to stew in our own juices about this interesting-sounding horror flick…

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