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  • WIN: 3 x 3Some DVDs!

    3SOME (rated 15) is a Spanish drama based on a love triangle of idealistic students who discover their menage a trois can’t survive in the real world. What price must we pay to satisfy our desires? We have 3 copies to give away! Competition ends 9 April 2011.

  • WIN: 5 x IP MAN 2 on DVD!

    Kung Fu sensation Donnie Yen stars as Ip Man, the wing chun grandmaster who taught Bruce Lee almost everything he knew. Wirefighting! Kung fu legends! We have 5 DVDs to give away! Competition ends 29 March 2011

  • WIN: 3 x WAR on DVD!

    When a British actor and his girlfriend are released by Chechen rebels after a failed ransom attempt, they enlist the aid of a Chechen captive and the Russian military to go back and wage all-out war on their captors. Raarrr! we have 3 DVDs of War by cult director Balabnov to give away!