To celebrate the February 28 DVD release of Travellers, we’re giving away a copy of the film to 5 lucky winners. Huzzah!

Competition ends 24 March 2011

Travellers is a fearsome survival thriller that marks the directorial debut for the UK’s newest rising talent Kris McManus and features some of the most brutal bare-knuckle fighting ever seen on film. Like Snatch but more so!

Four young friends from London set out on a motorcycle adventure weekend, clocking up miles in an attempt to outrun the big three-o and their City-boy lifestyles.

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One night they set up camp in a muddy field only to discover the next morning that they’re sharing the field with a deserted, beaten-up old caravan. When the City boys investigate, they quickly discover that the beaten-up caravan is anything but abandoned.

Within seconds, a idiotic prank sets off a series of brutal events pitching the City boys against a group of angry Irish travellers in a deadly race for survival involving kidnap, murder and bare-knuckle boxing. As events spiral out of control and we learn more about the back story of each of the City boys, we’re forced to question our own prejudices. It’s City boys versus Irish travellers and the unfolding sequence of events lead us to reconsider who the villains of the piece really are.

Travellers comes to DVD with a whole host of extras on 28 February 2011. Order your copy now on Amazon.

Answer this simple question to enter…

Travellers star Charley Boorman is well known for his motorcycle adventures with which actor?

1. Ewan McGregor (Clue: Right answer! Talk about giving you the best clues in the world!)
2. Actor McActorson, of course.
3. Trick question – he was on his own. And it was a popemobile.


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Please put TRAVELLERS in the subject title.

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Competition ends 24 March 2011

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