Review Blood Simple and you could win 1000 epoints!

This week, quite a lot of the BFF team saw the Coen brothers’ debut feature Blood Simple for the first time. If you came to our party, then the chances are that you did too. And if you did (or didn’t, but have seen it anyway), and you like earning excellent rewards for spewing your opinions about, then you’ve come to the right blog.

As you’ve probably noticed, we’ve recently changed the way we publish our reviews. Whereas each one was previously handcrafted to order by heritage craftsmen, we’ve finally embraced the industrial revolution and developed a special machine (we call it a ‘Whirling Tashie’ in deference to the Eternal Mother of BFF) that can produce up to six steam-driven reviews per hour. We still have to fill the words in, mind you, but it leaves more time for tea breaks.

ANYWAY, the beautiful thing about this system is that it democratises the BFF writing experience – anyone with a drizzle of talent, a soupçon of get-up-and-go and a great big massive jug of self-confidence can publish their very own mini-review as a Best For Film Contributor, and if we like the cut of your jib then we’ll promote you to Pro Contributor – that means more exposure, which means bigger and better rewards (more on which sometime soon) and more chance of Peter Bradshaw deciding to adopt you and feed you his wisdom like a gannet regurgitating fish into her babies’ eager beaks. And we thought we’d kick off this system with a cheeky little competition geared towards two sets of people – film fans so hardcore that they’ve already seen Blood Simple, even though it’s hell of obscure, and people who came to our party. Partygoers always get special extras, that’s just the rule.

In conclusion, we’re inviting YOU to head over to our (as yet woefully empty) review page for Blood Simple, register for BFF using the links at the top or bottom of the page, and write a review. You’ve got all weekend to do it, and on Monday our favourite review will receive promotion to the top spot AND a fantastic bonus of 1000 epoints (worth £5 in our shop but easily £500 in reputation). And just to keep things fair, we’re not opening this opportunity to our existing writers – sorry guys – so the field is wide open for any newbie with ink in their veins and wit in their pineal gland (or wherever). All you need to do is register and get writing!

EDIT: Turns out the hottest weekend of the year isn’t the best time to demand that you stay inside typing. We’re extending this competition to midday on Friday 19th July, with the 1000 epoint bonanza still up for grabs!


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