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  • Short Film Spotlight: Anna vs. the Dead

    All good things must come to an end, and after three jam-packed days of exclusive video interviews we’re finally running out – well, YOU try fitting more than three short films plus interviews plus music and a quiz into four hours. Smart arse. In our final celluloid retrospective, we meet the stars of Anna vs. the Dead.

  • Short Film Spotlight: Mike

    We’ve started having conversations and filming them! YES, Best For Film has finally joined the modern age. If you missed out on our latest film club, you can relive all the fun of the fair with this exclusive interview with the cast and crew of zombie ultrashort Mike.

  • Best For Film is having a party

    The very first BFF Presents… is less than a month away – and you’re invited! Join us on July 9th for an evening of murder, mayhem and tombolas as we lift the lid on everything from how to get published to whether BFF writers can drink more than normal people (we definitely can).