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Crack teams of mercenaries! Catsuits! Kick-ass martial arts! Explosions, guns and thrills! That’s what Clash is all about, and we have 3 DVDs to give away!

Competition ends 8 March 2011


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Reuniting much of the cast of critically acclaimed period action movie The Rebel and starring famed stuntman Johnny Nguyen (Spider-Man 1 and 2; Jarhead; Serenity; Collateral) alongside Veronica Ngo (The Rebel; Saigon Love Story), Clash is a relentless action thriller with echoes of John Woo (Mission: Impossible 2; Hard Boiled).

Ngo is Trinh – codenamed Phoenix. A beautiful young woman forced to become a mercenary thief by a powerful gangland boss known as Black Dragon (Hoang Phuc), who has ‘rescued’ her from a former life of homelessness and prostitution. To rescue her daughter and get herself out of a bad spot, Trinh has assemble a crack team of specialists and steal the codes to a Vietnamese satellite defence system.

Featuring suspense, breathtaking stunt sequences, gunplay, explosions and a feast of stunning ‘old school style’ mixed martial arts fight scenes, Clash delivers everything an action movie should and firmly establishes Veronica Ngo as one of the hottest female action stars around.

Clash (cert. 15) will be released on DVD (£12.99) by Revolver Entertainment on 21st February 2011.

Answer this simple question to enter…

What is Trinh’s codename?

1. Phoenix
2. Fandango
3. Snarf


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Competition ends 8 March 2011

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