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  • Super 8

    Nostalgic for the good old days of The Goonies and Close Encounters of the Third Kind? Never fret – JJ Abrams has written a love letter to Steven Spielberg that sprinkles the ‘only kids can truly understand’ formula with a dusting of real monster magic. Old-timers will breathe a sigh of relief, new bloods will wish they lived in a time when you biked to visit your friend just next door, fabrics came in seven hot variations of ‘mustard’ and cool kids had walkie talkies not iPhones.

  • Wreckage

    This serviceable scrapyard slasher has a bit of poke in the engine and a few nice body mods, but the plot’s had a few too many miles on the clock…

  • THE KINGDOM Series 1-2

    THE KINGDOM TV Series 1-2 is a compelling surreal drama by Lars Von Trier, with demons taking an interest in a vast Danish hospital. Quite unmissable (especially for fans of Twin Peaks) and now available in a Collector’s DVD Box Set.

  • Hobo with a Shotgun

    In this note-perfect take on Italian/US exploitation cinema, a hobo vigilante blows away crooked cops, pedophile Santas and gang overloads with his trusty pump-action shotgun. He lives on the streets. It’s time to clean them up…