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Cuckoo is a creepy, claustrophic thriller with rave reviews starring Richard E. Grant as a professor who wants his employee Polly and will do anything to get her. We have 5 DVDs – count em – to give away!

Competition ends 16 March 2011

“Unsettling, unconventional” – The Mirror
“A little gem of a movie” – Den of Geek
“A creepy, claustrophobic thriller” – The Morning Star

Cuckoo, a creepy thriller starring Richard E. Grant, Laura Fraser (Lip Service, A Knight’s Tale), Tamsin Greig (Episodes, Green Wing) and award winning jungle/drum & bass artist Adam Fenton (Adam F) will be available on DVD and on Blu-Ray from 28th February.

Cuckoo poster

Cuckoo poster

In one of his darkest roles, Richard E. Grant plays an ageing professor obsessed with his star student, Polly (Fraser). Polly is trapped in a dead-end job working for intrusive Professor Julius Greengrass (Grant). Her relationship with boyfriend Chapman (Adam Fenton) is falling apart, and jealous sister Jimi (Antonia Bernath) rarely leaves her side. Expertly played by Fraser, we feel Polly’s sense of isolation as events unfold around her in this darkly atmospheric and compelling story of deception and intrigue. When Polly has the chance to escape, her nearest and dearest have other ideas.

Alone in her flat, Polly struggles to keep her grip on reality. Mysterious sounds surround her, voices in the darkness, whispers of deceit. Polly knows she’s not cuckoo, but why won’t the noises go away? She turns to the one person she can trust – her boss. But Julius has a dark secret of his own. He wants Polly, and he’ll do anything to get her.

Cuckoo teases and provokes, asking as many questions as it answers.

Answer this simple question to enter…

What is Julius’ dark secret in Cuckoo?

1. He wants Polly, and he’ll do anything to get her.
2. He wants a cracker, and he’ll do anything to get one.
3. He wishes he was called Martin.


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Competition ends 16 March 2011

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