New poster for Arthur online

Last week we reported that the new trailer for the Arthur remake was up and runnning, and that we couldn’t help but get all charmed by the combination of Russell Brand doing his thing and Helen Mirren doing hers. Well, with this in mind, you can now feast your eyes on the new poster – a triumph of British grins and dodgy CGI. The film is a re-make of the Dudley Moore classic, and stars Brand as Arthur; a boozy, happy-go-lucky billionaire who finds himself in crisis when he’s forced to marry someone he doesn’t find attractive or facing being cut off completely. Probably some troll…Oh. Jennifer Garner. Right.

Is it just us, or does this poster make Jennifer Garner look like some kind of giant, whilst poor Helen Mirren dwarfs away in the background? It seems pretty appropriate that Brand’s cheeky grin glosses over the obvious structural hiccups – we have a feeling this is a system we better get used to…

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