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Justin Timberlake (The Social Network) and Oscar-winner Jeff Bridges (Crazy Heart, True Grit) head up an all-star cast in a new, heart-warming comedy drama THE OPEN ROAD, out to own on DVD from 25th April (RRP £12.99). Directed by Michael Meredith, this heart-warming and comedic road movie about a father and son on a journey also stars Kate Mara (127 Hours, Ironclad), Harry Dean Stanton (Alien, The Green Mile) and Mary Steenburgen (The Proposal, Back to the Future Part III).

When his mother is taken seriously ill, young Carlton Garrett (Timberlake) is faced with the challenge of fulfilling her wish to bring his estranged father (Bridges) to the hospital. Carlton and his friend Lucy (Mara) set off to Ohio to find his legendary professional athlete father, Kyle Garrett.

After much convincing, chasing and plenty of mischievous behaviour, the awkward threesome head for Houston in a rented car. As they drive South, both father and son are obliged to re-examine past misdeeds and maybe find a future together. THE OPEN ROAD is a charming road trip movie with fantastic performances from the two leads.

Region: 2
Certificate: 15

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In which seminal Coen Brothers movie did Jeff Bridges play The Dude?

1. The Big Lebowski
2. The Big Man Made of Onions
3. The Big Man Not Made of Onions


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Competition ends 21 May 2011

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