Best moments in Michael Bay films

1. Most bad-ass moment – Bad Boys

The award for most bad-ass moment comes from the undefeated champion in likeability: Will Smith and his partner in crime Martin Lawrence in the fantabulous Bad Boys. Evidence that this award is rightly deserved comes in the form of the hilarious convienence store scene where Mike (Will Smith) and Marcus (Martin Lawrence) walk in with Julie and start arguing. The store clerk sees their guns and draws his own on them instead and comedy gold soon follows:

Store Clerk: Hey, freeze bitch!
Mike: [as he points the gun at Julie, in a flash Mike and Marcus stop arguing and point their guns at his head] YOU freeze, bitch!
Store Clerk: Oh shit, I’m fucked.
Mike: Now back up, put the gun down, and get me a pack of Tropical Fruit Bubblicious.
Marcus: And some Skittles.

2. Most spine-tingling moment – Transformers

The title of the most spine tingling moment is officially given to the first Transformers film in the moment when the Autobots arrive on Earth and make their way to Sam. The amount of pin-pointed detail that went into the special effects while the Autobots first transformed, coupled with a destiny-riddled soundtrack, made that scene more than awe-inspiring. Though come to think of it, pretty much every scene when an Autobot or Decepticon transformed was pretty god damn brilliant!


3. Most tear jerking moment – Pearl Harbor

After all they went through together; be it defending each other as children, training as pilots, joining the air force, falling for the same girl (Kate Beckinsale) or going to war, the moment that Danny (Josh Hartnett) took three bullets for his best friend Rafe (Ben Affleck) was undoubtedly unforgettable. But no, that was not the moment the tears flowed. Pearl Harbor had us reaching for tissues when, as Danny was dying in Rafe’s arms, they exchanged these words:

Rafe: Danny, you can’t die. You can’t die. You know why? ‘Cause you’re gonna be a father. You’re gonna be a daddy. I wasn’t supposed to tell you. You’re gonna be a father.
Danny: No, you are.

4. Most make-you-roar-with-laughter moment – Bad Boys 2

Will Smith’s and Martin Lawrence’s characters’ Mike and Marcus are back, scooping up the most make-you-roar-with-laughter moment. However more suited this may be to the more crude sense of humour, I dare you not to laugh. The moment presents itself as Mike and Marcus take some incriminating video evidence to a television store so that they can watch it a.s.a.p., but little do they know they end up putting on their own public show.



5. Most shocking moment – Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

It’s the middle of the film and it’s Optimus Prime versus all the decepticons. The rest of the autobots are on their way, but we’re thinking, it’s all good, Optimus has this. WRONG! A sneak attack from Megatron leaves Optimus slowly dying courtesy of a huge spear being thrust through his middle (cue shocks and gasps throughout the room). No-one saw THAT coming.

6. Most macho moment – Armageddon

Two words. Bruce Willis. With him fronting one of your films how could it not fall into a most macho category. Well in Armageddon, Bruce Willis has to many macho looks, poses, walks, one-liners to mention, but the head of them all has to be when he tricks Ben Affleck back into the spaceship, thus sacrificing his own life to save the world. Macho, yet moving.

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