Cheat Sheet: Jason Lee


Jason Michael Lee

Date of Birth:

25th April 1970

Place of birth:

Orange, CA

Special moves:

Acting, skateboarding

Films include:

Mallrats, Chasing Amy, Dogma, Vanilla Sky, The Incredibles

What you probably already know:

If you’re anything like us, you know Jason Lee best from his long, varied and enormously enjoyable series of collaborations with Kevin Smith. Lee’s appearances in Smith’s eclectic series of interconnected ‘View Askewniverse’ films have included performances as a comic book inker, a mallrat and a demon, and have given him the opportunity to ask Stan Lee about the Hulk’s intimate anatomy and have his chest burst by a blessed golf club. Before we even think about going elsewhere, that’s already quite a CV.

Outside of cavorting with Jay and Silent Bob, Jason Lee is best known for his starring role in NBC TV series My Name is Earl. Lee’s multiple-Golden-Globe-nominated four season stint as reformed crook Earl Jehoshaphat Hickey made him a household name in America, as well as explaining the sheer quantity of photos of him online with a really bloody awful moustache. It’s not Jason’s, it’s Earl’s. You may also have seen him pop up in films of varying quality from Vanilla Sky (he played the one who wasn’t Tom Cruise) to Stealing Harvard (he played the one who wasn’t Tom Green). And who the hell did you think voiced Syndrome in The Incredibles? It certainly wasn’t David Tomlinson! HELLO MR LEE.

What you might not know:

Alright, so he’s all into acting and stuff now. But d’you know what Jason Lee used to get up to before he came to cult prominence in Mallrats? He used to skateboard until his little feet were aching! Yes indeed – there’s no reason a photo as unattractive as the one below would make it onto Best For Film unless it needed to prove a point, and the point to be proven is ‘skateboarders always look fucking awful’. Thank heavens he became an actor, we quite fancied him in Dogma.

Even when he’s out of the spotlight Jason Lee has had quite the life. He married his Chasing Amy costar Carmen Llywelyn aged 25, divorcing after six years and subsequently getting engaged to My Name is Earl actress Beth Riesgraf. They never made it to the altar, but they did have a son. A son called Pilot Inspektor.

…We’ll say that again. PILOT INSPEKTOR. That is his NAME. Lee is now married to another actress, Ceren AlkaƧ, with whom he had a daughter the month after their 2008 wedding. Doesn’t that all sound lovely? Well, brace yourself for a shit bomb: he’s a Scientologist. Ceren, your daughter’s going to grow up fucked in the head.

Jason Lee quote:

“I was just curious about [acting]… My girlfriend`s mother was a talent manager, and when I told her I wanted to do movies, she said, ‘Okay, let`s give it a shot.’ So many people would have said, ‘Oh, I don`t know. Let`s get you into some acting classes first and see how it goes.’ That would have been a bit deflating, and I think I would`ve lost interest.”

What to say at a dinner party:

“With the help of a hard core of actors including Jason Mewes, Joey Lauren Adams and of course Jason Lee, Kevin Smith’s View Askewniverse has become one of the most engaging and well-constructed worlds of its type in Hollywood today.”

What not to say at a dinner party:

“Isn’t skateboarding for… kids?”

Final thought:

We just really, really don’t get why Jason Lee has done three Chipmunks films. Dude, you’re a fucking demon!

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