Could you win the Due Date Dash?

Gather round, for we have exciting news for you. To celebrate the DVD and digital release of Due Date, Best For Film has teamed up with Warner Brothers and sixteen other film blogs around the world to help run an incurably snazzy competition. Just in case you need reminding why Robert Downey Jr and Zach Galifianakis’ antics dominated the box office back in November, why not have another look at the trailer? If you can’t bear to do anything but watch the film once you’ve refreshed your memory, you can buy it here.

Hurrah! Right, here’s how it’s going to work. Just like in the film (although with substantially less beard and fewer weird dogs), we’ve got another blog as our travel companion. We’re going to be roaring around dropping clues as to which blog we’re tucked up with, and you have to guess. If you get it right, there are big juicy prizes in store – we’ve got a free digital download of Due Date for one lucky winner (names out of a hat, natch), plus plenty of other shiny prizes and some free rentals for runners-up.

We’re not giving away too much just yet, but it’s worth your while having a look at this video – you’ll notice that we’ve been sent to Arizona for the purposes of the game, and your first clue is that our partner blog is in a state which shares a border with us. Have a nose around to see how many other participating blogs you can find, watch the teaser videos wherever you can track them down, and check back soon for the next clue! If you think you’ve found the magic blog, email us at [email protected] with your guess, name and so on.

UPDATE – we’ve had some good guesses, but don’t forget there are multiple tasty prizes so keep guessing! Clue #2 is this say-what-you-see thing:

This is obscenely, painfully easy, so if you don’t get it then follow this link for a completely different prize. More a prize for the gene pool than for you, perhaps, but it’s all good.



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