Short film of the week: FOCUS

Mini interview with short film director Ari Kruger

What inspired you to make FOCUS?

I really wanted to make something universal and honest that people could relate to. I’d also recently come out of a relationship and was feeling inspired to make something dealing with the dynamics thereof. I enjoy discovering things through writing and framing them visually.

The title – a clever play on words?

Yea, I suppose it is.

What were the joys and pitfalls of creating FOCUS?

It was fun to shoot a sex scene. I hadn’t done it before and neither had the actors so we were all virgins in that sense. We had a very tight budget, so the only real complication was being kicked out of the park for not shooting with a permit. We still had the final scene to shoot where he sees her again with her new boyfriend but we managed to pack up and find another location before the sun went down- in the end it worked out for the best.

Any projects in the pipeline?

I’ve got another short called ‘My Backyard’ which is about to be released after being screened at the Durban Film Festival. I’m also currently working on a documentary about Elvis Tribute Artists in South Africa as well as writing a feature and various other short films.

If we wanted to stalk you, how would we go about it?

You can visit my site or follow me on twitter. I’ve also just started a facebook page for my company which you can access from my site.

Are you a short film maker?

If you have a short film on YouTube, get in touch at [email protected] or nominate it below. We’d love to hear from you – maybe your film short could become our next Short Film of the Week!

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