Short film of the week: The Animalmen

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This short film is about three American indie kids who’d like to form a revolution (but they’re not entirely sure what they stand for and what they’d like to overthrow). It was shot on Super 16mm film in the style of a French New Wave film. NY Press film critic Armond White said, “The Animalmen, a charming short with its own vivid colour scheme and sense of humour, shows the lasting influence of the French New Wave. Understandably affected by the 1967 La Chinoise, Jarrett DePasquale adapts its bemused view of youth and politics to the emotional and political aspirations of a new generation of indie-pop listening American kids. Proof that some romances never grow old.”

Mini interview with short film director Jarrett DePasquale

What inspired you to make The Animalmen?

I find that my generation has a tough time placing their energy. We seem to get really upset about things in the world, and then sort of just do nothing about it. Blogging doesn’t count. At the time I was writing the film, people were getting really psyched about an Obama presidency, but it was just a lot of empty rhetoric… I guess that hasn’t changed all that much.

It’s not a political film, though.

Talk us through the intriguing soundtrack!

Erik Brauer did some original music for it, he has some stuff online at I met this Swedish band, Paper, at a bar one night and they let me use their song to end the film. I think that they liked that we stole a shot from “Cries and Whispers”. I had to include an Anna Karina song, because this movie probably wouldn’t exist if she didn’t. And Chad, he’s got a good ear too.

Collaboration. So swag.

What were the joys and pitfalls of creating The Animalmen?

Well I shot a film on FILM, that’s rad. I got to work with some really great people…I think working with friends is the best. Oh, check out Christine Young’s work; she made these insane posters for The Animalmen and we only know each other through the internet. The internet is also the best thing ever.

I was lucky enough to get into a couple of festivals. The Animalmen played in Seattle and I got to check the city out, which I’ve wanted to do for a while. The film’s been up on Vimeo for a couple of months, and it’s really great to see the reaction it’s been getting there.

There were 2 other movies in 2009 that had talking foxes in them, so that was a bummer.

Any projects in the pipeline?

I’ll be posting more stuff on my Vimeo page ( I’m also going to do a few music videos for my friend Dan Quixote, who plays Paul in The Animalmen. We have a video up there now.

I’m writing some stuff too. I guess everyone says that.

If we wanted to stalk you, how would we go about it?
Sometimes I put some drawings up on

Also, check out Nick Chakwin (, Pryce Holmes ( and David Guglielmo ( They are the future, and the future is real important.

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